How to take care of your footwear in Monsoon season

How to take care of your footwear in Monsoon season

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Monsoon has started and so has our worry of how to keep our footwears safe from these rainy showers. We all will surely admit that footwear and clothes are one of the things, closest to our heart and keeping them tidy, safe and properly is one of the tasks that we all look forward to.

Well, for this context- “How to keep your footwear safe in Monsoon season”, we have got some great tips and tricks for you all.
  • Proper Drying- One of the most important things is to let your shoes & sneakers get dry (not direct contact with sun). You can turn your room’s fan ON and put some newspaper into it, as it is important to soak the inner moisture as well in order to make it wearable the next day.

  • Proper Polishing- when it comes to genuine leather boots for men, it is very important to handle them with care especially in monsoon season because of the quality. You can easily find polish for leather boots for men and women on any shoe specific shop/outlet or on e-commerce websites as well. Make sure to polish the leather boots only when it is completely dry.
  • Washing/Cleaning- Monsoon Season comes with challenges, this we all agree with, but when it comes to keeping your chunky sneakers and streetstyle shoes free from dirt and mud, it sometimes seems next to impossible because of no escape solution.

  • Real Time Action- If you think that waiting any longer with your dirty genuine leather boots, sneakers or shoes can cause harm to them, please do not wait for the next day as it will cause worse than good. Take real time action and clean your footwear with wipes, shoe spray, and a little water soaked with foam and shoe cleanser.

  • Keep Moisture Away- Often you might have seen some white color smelly thing growing on your shoes, well, sadly that is fungus and not at all good for your sneakers or shoes and of course genuine leather boots also. This happens when you place them in a wrong place, where moisture density is high. Give timely air dry to them I order to keep them safe and sound for longer time.

Also, many times it happens, even during summer and winter season that we leave our shoes, sneakers and genuine leather boots unwashed and uncleaned for weeks. Drawback of this scenario is foul smell and compromise with hygienic. Be very often while taking care of your footwear because first impression comes from their only. If they will look good, tidy and shiny, of course the lime light will automatically kiss your feet.

You can prefer the following to clean your shoes without any hassles at home only:

  • Using homemade liquid solution with detergent’s foam and warm water
  • Using special leather cleaning spray with polish
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush (just Indian things)
  • Using the right pH soap solution with water and sponge.

Preferring these with utmost care and gentle touch will surely get your purpose of cleaning favorite footwear- sneakers, shoes and boots safe from all types of worries and hassles.

There are many tips and tricks we all follow in our daily life; we may call them as hacks as well to escape quickly from the scenario. We would love to listen it from you as well as what do you prefer when you get encountered with one such unavoidable instance like this.

Hope this blog by Bacca Bucci bought some light of reference on your context. Keep reading from us for more such knowledgeable and fun facts, tips, hacks and tricks.