Best Place to Buy Outdoor Shoes in India

Best Place to Buy Outdoor Shoes in India

Buying your favourite footwear has always been a very challenging question especially when it comes to where to buy from? We all must have encountered that dilemmic situation where we want to buy footwear but not aware of the facts and figures.

So, friends, In today’s blog, BACCA BUCCI will share of why they are customers most preferred footwear brand. Established in the year 2012 and still setting milestones for many competitors in the field. We are well known for their Price, Material and Quality of the product and I guess that is what has kept us going for this long.

The Shoe category at Bacca Bucci has won hearts of lakhs of customers. One common complement/positive feedback received from our customers was targeted on Vibrancy and design of the shoes. No doubt, the designers at Bacca Bucci use best techniques and ideologies to bring out the best before taking it to marketplace. Price differentiation and estimation as per the product is way less, the cost covered up matches only a decent point because main target is focused on customer satisfaction. We believe, if larger segment of audience cannot afford a product, that product is worth not making.

Our centricity revolves around major segment of the audience and which is what makes us the best-selling place to buy footwears from.

The design, interior, material and especially the science involved in preparing these masterpieces is beyond appreciation. The commendable work by Bacca Bucci designing team has done research on how to design a shoe to make it wearable for those having ankle issues. Even for those who don’t get their shoe numbers easily, Bacca Bucci has made it possible for them too.


When it comes to SNEAKERS, Bacca Bucci gives a tough competition to every mover in the market. With its sleek updated designs, product quality, differentiation with colours and all-time market sale value, Bacca Bucci has earned love of customers for their products, and we now know why, no wonder. We never compromise with the quality of their sneakers, in fact our designers come up with the best of designs good for your body and ankle with the right angle and support to make it wearable, comfortable and safe.

Price differentiation in terms of sneakers is the same as of shoes by Bacca Bucci. We focus on larger segment and hold a vision of supporting every level of customer. Our belief is to set goals and make sure that everyone who wants to buy, never turns back because of high prices.

We even make sure of not to compromise with the quality of the product. Bacca Bucci thinks, reads and implements things from the perspective of a customer and which is our best quality.

So, friends, if you are planning to buy a new pair of footwear, do try BACCA BUCCI once and you will not be disappointed.

Talking about customer satisfaction and analysing their buying behaviour, it has made it quite important for us to track down the records to do better and better gradually with every passing day. Time is changing and so is the taste towards styling around.

Along with footwear, we even focus on accessories as well like, belts and wallets which is also loved and appreciated by our happy customers.

We believe in making a difference and the vision we had before starting Bacca Bucci is still having a brad, strengthened base to take over and this really is a crucial part which derives our motivation positively.