The Science of Sneakers: High-Tops Vs Low-Tops

The Science of Sneakers: High-Tops Vs Low-Tops

Good Sneakers take your good places. Very well, they come handy with different styles, colours, size and most of all quality. But, have you ever noticed a detailing of sneaker on the basis of High-tops and Low-tops??
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“Life may or may not be perfect, but your sneakers can be, surely”

Adding light to the above context, I would like to bring some life to the almost daily worn essential named “SNEAKER”. We all wear, use and buy sneakers really often, but have we ever thought of “Science” related to it. Yes, my friend you heard it right because Good Sneakers take your good places. Very well, they come handy with different styles, colours, size and most of all quality. But, have you ever noticed a detailing of sneaker on the basis of High-tops and Low-tops?? Well, I am quite sure, you wouldn’t have had. Aan!! Aan!! Don’t run to your browser window, here’s a catch I am going to share with you all.

They have more to deal with problems related to Ortho based and Athletic performances. It almost seems an easy task to simply design a sneaker structure, but if we talk about behind-the-scenes part, it does take a lot of Manly efforts, curious Mind and bundle of thoughts to process that one such masterpiece.

The science behind the revolutionary design upholds many terminated ideas and prototypes. The very basic point of view that every company beholds is to provide the best of comfort to the wearer. They tend to hire professionals for testing and analysis purpose.

Adding facts to the figure-When the sneakers were on the run, It is being said that, people at that time had one thing to look after and that was beauty of the footwear and the comfort alongside.

Talking about athletics, having the right pair of shoe/sneakers is very important. They should be designed in such a way to reduce maximum chances of injury and turmoil for falling with bad grip.

Info Bits-

  • Low-Tops Sneakers provide freedom whereas High-Tops Sneakers hold the grip strong.
  • While playing, Low-Tops shoes give you a better cut, whereas High-Tops shoes don’t, slightly .
  • High-Tops Shoes keep you safe from ankle injuries, on run whereas there’s less security in Low-Tops Shoes.
  • High-Tops Sneakers are good for mountaineers, whereas Low-tops Sneakers for casual one.
  • Low-top sneakers are lighter, and enables one to make moves easier, quicker and faster thereby increasing the range of motions.

High-Tops Highlights:

High Top sneakers are better into popularity for providing better ankle support than low-tops because they are laced up right above till “ankle bones”. The Ankle and Foot movement should be interdependent on each other in such a way that the moves are free of any inconveniences or irregularities.

Considering High top shoes in athletic shoe can support the complex structure by adding extra flexibility to the motions. In practical, if the joints in the buttress are less complex and supported in a better way with a better architecture, have lesser tendency to cause injuries. However, there are sayings that high-tops shoes can cause more injuries in real time than low-tops shoes. They can reduce the blood flow through the veins causing a lot many chances of ankle injury. The first and most important thing to keep in mind before buying a pair of high-top shoes is that you don’t want to compromise the flexibility and freedom of movement of your foot and ankle.

Few examples of High Top Sneakers for better understanding: 



Low-Tops Highlights:

Low top sneakers are less supportive, but light weight footwears. As in high-tops sneakers, the low-tops sneakers lack the mechanical support round the ankle, which allows the muscles to be freer and more active during any sense of motion or activity. It is believed that muscles, which are more active are believed to be capable of providing dynamic and rigid support. As with any other shoes, you want your feet to be free from interference, compression, and artificial support in order to keep your feet healthy. This is the only way to keep a life-long healthy relationship with your feet. If you are just learning about these elements, remind yourself that most of the time it is not too late to adopt good new habits.

Few examples of Low Top Sneakers for better understanding: 

The Foot-Ankle Bond:

Did you know that for every movement of the foot and ankle, there are approximately 20 bones involved? Ligaments keep the bones stick together with leather like soft tissues. Some professionals even believe that a lot of external support around the ankle can cause harm, leading to instability and weakening of surrounding muscles.

Myth or Fact:

A myth, still circulating among odds that mostly injuries (in players) take place while Low-tops shoes are worn. Whereas, many players consider low-tops shoes while playing as it allows them to take a free ankle side cut. While wearing either, low-tops sneakers or high-tops sneakers, you may still get injured. It depends, even after the injury what you prefer to wear. It is suggested to wear low-tops shoes to allow more free area and let the veins make their way to move freely, contraction and relaxation basically. High-tops sneakers, though are comfortable and safer in comparison to low-tops sneakers because they provide a better grip to the players while making moves.

Orthopaedic Functionality in Sneakers:

Orthopaedic Sneakers are worn by people of different age groups, starting from best foot structure to the a little unorganized one. An ankle sprain occurs, when the ankle ligaments get stretched beyond their normal range. While playing basketball, during landing after taking a shot (jump shot, layup, dunk) or grabbing a rebound, after the player's feet land on an uneven surface, ankle sprains mostly occur. Usually, that uneven surface is another player’s feet. The most common type of ankle sprain is a combination of both ankle inversion and flexion.

Solely, it depends on you and what you prefer wearing throughout, be it Low-tops or Men's High-tops Shoes. It would be wise to perform an exercise routine that will facilitate the activity of the ankle muscles in an attempt to have them prepared to contract and help stabilize the foot and ankle complex.