Why Bacca Bucci is Youngster’s First Choice for Sneakers in India

Why Bacca Bucci is Youngster’s First Choice for Sneakers in India

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“Perfection is insoluble, it is determined, destined and wander only to those with a Vision.”

 Youth of India are growing well, not just physically, but mentally too. Their expectations, variations in style, design, fashion and everything towards industry is changing. Nowadays, they tend to focus more on what to wear and how to wear and that’s what derives the outer market and motivates the outlets to bring out and launch the best of whatever they can for the current youth.

What role does Footwear play in Fashion:

“A person’s personality is judged by the Shoes he/she is wearing”


The above-mentioned quote is given by a famous philosopher – Kansas D’mitri. He directly/indirectly pointed out on a very specific detail which almost all of us notice in every person we meet in a day and I guess none of us can deny with the fact. Shoes do play an important role in portraying your positive personality if draped properly. A right shoe at the right occasion can actually turn the tables on and make you the hero of the lime light for the day.

For every outfit, teenager’s want to look cool and no less than others. They want people to know that they are not really out of the race and often deem them for the same. Like every match, matching pair of shoes/sneakers does matter too.

How does Bacca Bucci come into play?

Bacca Bucci, being extra observant and analytical in terms of customer satisfaction, knew it from the beginning that the target audience are the youngster’s and fulfilling their demands is the best we can do. Because it's a homegrown Indian brand, with a strict vision of selling only products made in India. India's favourite Streetwear brand where everything is made in India. All our designs are made keeping in mind our GenZ audience.

And that day and today’s day, there hasn’t been a single day when we have not plentiful of orders. Honestly, the right strategy was important to be worked upon here. India is still a developing country and the economic status is well known to all of us and that is why, Bacca Bucci insisted on something that can be sold/purchased in the best ever price.

From then the concept came of happy selling and we started the process with the vision of giving the best, in the least minimum price (so that everyone can afford it) and that is how we started gaining for number of orders. We have earned our customers; their satisfaction matters to us the most and that is what motivates us to keep going.

What does Bacca Bucci strive for?

The aim is to be the Best. We have largest design collection in chunky fashion streetwear sneakers & platform sneakers. The plan is to provide the best of we can. The initiatives by Bacca Bucci over the last 9 years have shown variations and getting this good and applaudable response from customers was something that Bacca Bucci has always wanted.

Now, the service has expanded its wings and has started dealing with A-1 quality wallets and belts as well. Before launching a product, we always see whether the product justifies its price. Our objective is always to be a pocket-friendly yet trendiest brand in India. If the motive is splendid and the aim is to reach high, there is no one that can stop you and that’s the case with Bacca Bucci. Before being the best, they wanted to hear it from their customers and so they did.